2018 .


For 11 years now, VIVO IPL has entertained the nation like no other sporting platform has. And for all of 11 years, brands, advertisers, marketers and media houses have played at front foot to keep the energy up and running. After an amazing 11-year innings, Star is attempting to Re.Imagine VIVO IPL, and along with it VIVO IPL advertising. Star Re.Imagine Awards is an initiative by Star where Marketers, Media and Creative agencies join hands with each other, in pushing all stakeholders to innovate how advertising is experienced this VIVO IPL.

Every creative broadcasted on Star Sports or streamed on Hotstar during the VIVO IPL will be an entrant for the Star Re.Imagine Awards. At the end of the season, the most creative and innovative campaigns and ads will be celebrated and rewarded.




Star Re.Imagine Awards offers an incredible array of jury from every facet of the industry. Every ad broadcasted during the VIVO IPL, will be judged by a diverse jury from across the fields of advertising and marketing.

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